Monday, 23 June 2008

stagnating socks

I've been plugging away at trying to get some of my knitting projects that stagnated while we were away moving and done - first I now have a pair of socks knit from Trekking pro natura using the sailors stitch from More Sensational Knitted Socks. I've gone off self striping yarn, but this one is subtle enough to be fine, they're also relatively thin for a hand knit sock and I'm hoping the mix of bamboo in with the wool will make them a little cooler to wear during the summer. Although with the rain that's currently falling I don't think I'm going to have a problem with hot feet.

I especially like the continuation of the pattern down the heel flap, this isn't something I've done before, but I'll definitely do it again.

Before I cast on something new, I have the second sock of the embossed leaves socks to finish and am also part way through making the cable and rib jacket from the Jacob Wool.

We've received the official photos from the photographer and have sent on the link to them on the Internet to friends and family (Kristin, I sent them on to you after you commented, did you get them OK?). We're pleased with the photos, and now need to sit down and choose which photos to have put in our album.

We've also been sent a few "unofficial" photos... here's me beforehand... showing the dress and wrap that I made:

And here's us afterwards..

I don't think we scrub up too bad! Most people knew about David's socks being hand made, but I haven't seen a photo of them yet.

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Livet i Finlandighet said...

Oh, this picture of the two of you is beautiful! It really made my day on this very gray office overtime afternoon :)

Looking at the socks in sailor stitch, I realise that's probably what I want to do with the darned Fabel yarn! I'm starting to realise I need to get myself some sock books.