Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I was sat here yesterday (waiting for my boss to call) watching a red squirrel out of the window leaping about a tree. He was fun to watch - very agile jumping about all the branches with apparently no fear of falling. It's nice to see red squirrels here as in the UK the red squirrels have most often been squeezed out by the non-native bully grey squirrels. I wish I had a fancy camera with a zoom lens etc as he was hanging upside down from a branch at one point and it would have been good to have been able to take some proper squirrel antics shots. Instead I've ended up with this photo He's in the centre of the photo heading right, you can just see his tail straight out behind him parallel to the branch he's running along.
In case you can't see him, here he is zoomed in. Unfortunately you can't see his nice red colour, or his white underside.My boss never called so I decided to cast on another pair of baby booties as another of my friends, Anna, is just about due. They don't know the sex of the baby, so I've used a pale yellow fluffy wool I was given by my future mother-in-law when she was clearing out some stuff.
I'm using a pattern available free on the web by Saartje de Bruijn. It's a pretty easy pattern with some simple, but very effective shaping and from the pictures I've seen of finished ones looks pretty cute. I hope it fits a baby foot - I didn't make any attempt at checking my gauge as I have a limited amount of unpacked needles (one set) and a limited amount of wool available (one type).


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Pebble said...

Hmm, nice fancy camera hey? That sounds like a hint for a Christmas present to me...