Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sun hat

I think one of the things that bores me about this blog is the knitting - I like knitting, but I get frustrated, especially at the moment, with how little knitting - or crafting in general I am getting done. I think the blog just emphasises for me how unproductive craft-wise I am being. I'm being productive in other ways.

I have knit Frances a sun hat - sometimes she will wear it, but a lot of the time it's immediately snatched from her head (if it even gets that far!)

27/07/10 ETA link to ravelry so that Kristin can see which yarn I used!

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Kristin said...

It looks great! Did you use a worsted weight cotton or a thinner weight cotton?

What has the weather been like there this summer? Here, in northern Minnesota, it has been very warm. Very very warm. Last summer I think we maybe had three 25 degree days. This summer we're averaging 25 degrees daily. I've been repeatedly swimming in Lake Superior. Unheard of for July. Occasionally happens in August/September.