Friday, 22 May 2009

Count down

Some things I seem to be doing at the moment involve counting down - here are three of them:

Firstly, and probably needing the least amount of counting down is our rhubarb. This has come back nicely after the winter. I'll probably cut the first stalks this weekend. The plan is to make a rhubarb baked cheesecake - I don't really have a recipe to follow, but will adapt and experiment with my usual baked cheesecake recipe and see what happens.
Secondly, Andrew's jumper is still making progress. I've now knit 3 balls and I think I'm nearly half way to the arm pits. The felted tweed is knitting up nicely (as ever). I hope it fits him when it's finished.
And thirdly, the counting down of the bump... this is the progress at 25 weeks. It looks like a baby bump rather than a pie bump now.


Guthrum said...

Gosh ! on all three accounts

Jessica said...

Fantastic for all three! THE first looks yummy (cake), the sweater is looking great, and I love the bump! Can't wait to see the bump in image and in person one day soon. And of course, to see you and David and cook you dinner! AND, when you three need some sunshine and warmth...come to Tampa Bay!!!!