Saturday, 4 October 2008


I've been trying to learn the months of the year in Finnish. I was trying to do this while I was walking the other day with my Finnish neighbour, Saari. She was helpful enough to tell me what some of them mean.

For example: January is tammikuu (oak month), February is helmikuu (pearl month). Not all of them have such succinct translations, but I did learn that October is lokakuu (mud month).

We were having this conversation on the last day of September, it was a beautiful evening - sunny, clear blue sky and beautiful autumnal foliage.

So far October has been living up to its Finnish name. It hasn't stopped raining - we even had thunder last night and the rain was so hard during the night that it woke me up (I woke David up and told him he should probably not cycle to work today, before going back to sleep) and I was surprised when I got up today that the whole area hadn't been washed away, but not surprised that it's still raining!

So, stuck in the house is perfect for knitting. I intend to weave in the ends of my Cyd sweater, which is on the brink of being finnished and
Quinn is coming over later as we're in the starting throes of both casting on for the Deep V Argyle Vest by Eunny Yang - that's if we both don't get too bogged down with gauge.

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