Wednesday, 19 December 2007


There was a beautiful sunset here in Helsinki this evening - not a delicate wispy multi-coloured affair, but a stong, vivid, bright, the sky is on fire, deep pink sunset. Red sky at night, shepherds delight - I'm now excited about what tomorrow's weather is going to be like. I did think about taking a picture, but I think in order to do justice to a sunset you must have a super-dooper camera and a certain skill for taking sunsets, otherwise I think it's best to just enjoy them while they're here.

I've now properly finished my koolhaas hat (photo to follow) and have managed to make a decision about what to knit next. I finally decided to start a pair of bee socks for Rach - part of what has become the Poulton bee series! Not a lot done yet, but the stripes are taking shape.
I'm using the same basic Sirdar pattern as I have for quite a few of the socks I've knitted and some suitably bee-coloured wool. I'm using a random stripe generator to figure out the stripes and am trying to do stationary jogless stripes.

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