Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Movement on the ikke ferdig list

Finally a finished project - and not just any finished project, but a long running project - ferdig. Hoorah.

After years of making my own clothes, a few years ago I decided I wanted to teach myself how to make my own patterns.... this has been an interesting process, but has slowed down my sewing and my inspiration to sew considerably. Anyway, with the help of this and this and inspired by this from the YSL Rive Gauche Spring/Summer 2004 Paris collection I have finally come up with this....
I'm quite pleased with the result - I went through two versions before I got to this one, both of which were OK, but didn't fit as well - but this one is a pretty good fit and gives quite a good silhouette to my figure. (My dream of being 6' tall, having the legs to match and a super trim waist has never manifested itself!)

I'm hoping to increase the amount of sewing I do when we move to Helsinki - for a number of reasons: I found more fabric shops than wool shops - some of the fabric shops (although I didn't actually go in any) looked very interesting, lots of suiting and good quality fabrics; and the second reason is that I intend to make a wedding dress for myself.

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Waiting for "friend-sale" in Marimekko?