Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Back home to Trondheim

We both had a good week away last week - David skiing and me with my Parents in the UK. As hoped for I've come back inspired to continue adding to my ikke ferdig list, although I have made some progress too....

Here's the jumper I've been working on -

The back;s finished, I don't think it's coming on too badly considering the last jumper I managed to knit and finish was more than ten years ago. I've started the front and am just establishing the rib pattern on the body of the jumper.

I also came back with some more wool and a pattern as I decided I wanted to try to knit some socks, luckily I've got suitable needles in my inherited needle collection:

What else? Oh yes - I bought some material and a pattern as David has said he would like some pajama bottoms - they were more for when it was really cold during the winter, but we couldn't find any suitable fabric in Trondheim. Hopefully he can lounge about in them during the summer. I love lounging around in my pajamas (one of the fabrics I bought is for me), so hopefully he will start to understand why.

David also came back from France with a project for me - the Tiger ears are broken again, and what's a Tiger Tour with broken ears? Previously I have been known as nurse Deborah as I repaired another pair of Tiger ears, but apparently I have been promoted to Surgeon General. They look pretty terminal to me!

It was good to be back in the UK for a bit - nice being able to understand what's being said without having to concentrate really hard and feeling really stupid. It was also good to see my family, the cats and a few other people. I also got to see the plants that my Mum is looking after for us while we're out of the country. This is a black beech.... Mr. Nothofagus solanderi as he's known.

So we're back into being very busy here again - norskkurs has started again, I seem to have loads of work at the moment and David's already away on a work trip on the booze cruise to Denmark of all things. And we need to try to find somewhere to live. Makes me tired just to think about it all.

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