Sunday, 25 February 2007

Ikke ferdig progress

While David and his brother and Adam went skiing in Sweden I tried to make progress with my ikke ferdig list - specifically the ten year quilt project. When I started this blog it looked like this... and now it looks more like this...

So I am making progress - honest. David still sees it as an unfinished project - but never mind!

But shhhh - don't tell him about another project that has made the ikke ferdig list....

It's going to be a jumper (hopefully) like the blue one in the picture next to it. I'm using some wool that I think we got years ago on holiday somewhere in Scotland, I think this is it's third reincarnation as the previous two incarnations (both knitted by other people) didn't "suit my head" so I didn't wear them. Fingers crossed this will be third time lucky.

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