Friday, 5 January 2007


Happy New Year!

Instead of relating what we did for Christmas and New Year, we thought we'd write a list of Christmas and New Year firsts for us:
  • Had our first Christmas and New Year in Norway (obviously)
  • Cooked and ate Ribbe (thanks to one of the list coming up)
  • Looked after Pusur the cat
  • Moved my first project from the ikke ferdig to the ferdig list - I guess Lille Bamsa is better at finishing things than me!
  • Tried aquivit
  • Had a goat on the Christmas Tree - which remains unburnt
  • Suspected twitching siting of a White Tailed Sea Eagle
  • Paid 66kr to cross a bridge
  • Went to a Norwegian farm shop
  • Played canasta
  • Saw first dragon movin in Norwegian
  • Visited skydsstation in Baklandet and had fiske suppe
  • Made and ate Norwegian waffes (twice as they were so good)
  • Acquired our first cookbook på norsk

And here's a piccy of Pusur now that she's calmed down and completely chilled out.

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